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We work with three types of partners to deliver our technology to clients around the globe, and we prioritize working with those who value service excellence as much as we do.

Integration Partners
Technological Partners
Educational Partners

Integration Partners

Content partners develop training manuals within the DeepSight studio on behalf of their clients. A content partner is typically a consulting firm operating within a specialized industry.

Become a content partner if you:
  • Are an innovation-focused company.
  • Want to contribute to creating the next generation of tools for workers.
  • Have experience in project management and implementing technological solutions.
  • Are ready to take on the challenge and generate additional revenue for your company.
Partnering with DeepSight was a way for us to stand out from our competition by offering an innovative solution for transferring knowledge to our customers. Since the start of our collaboration, we've always been able to count on their excellent customer support for training and problem-solving.

Alex Prévost, MACP

MACPEficioCadence ConsultantsBBA ConsultingCGI ConsultingTHS

Technological Partners

We work with a number of technology partners to integrate the best technological components to deliver a robust, scalable, world-class solution. We work closely with IBM Canada’s Build Partner program, as well as with Apple, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft.

Become a technological partner if you:
  • Have top-notch mixed reality gear.
  • Possess technology compatible with DeepSight features.
  • Can add value to data generated by DeepSight.
  • Want to be part of the new generation of tools for workers.
When businesses automate repetitive tasks with AI, they're able to overcome skills gaps and quickly optimize processes for digital transformation. AI technology, integrated within DeepSight's platform, enables organizations to train, validate, and deploy machine learning models seamlessly

ESA Build Program Team, IBM Canada


Educational Partners

Educational partners seamlessly collaborate with training centers, offering cutting-edge training that not only attracts a surge of students but also exposes them to the latest technologies, ensuring their preparedness for the dynamic demands of the workforce. The cherry on top? Enhance the financial viability of your educational institution.

Become an educational partner if you:
  • Want to offer engaging and stimulating education for students.
  • Have the ability to implement an innovation project in your center.
  • Seek to distinguish yourself from other centers with similar programs.
  • Value the use of new technologies for knowledge transfer.
DeepSight facilitate the knowledge transfer experience for courses and concepts that were previously difficult to achieve. As a teacher, this platform allows me to move equipments (CAD) used on the factory floor and demonstrate it in the training room.

Sylvain Smith, teacher at the Rives-du-Saguenay vocation training center

CFP Baie-JamesCFP Performance PlusSAE SaguenayCFP L'EnvolCFP Grand-FjordCSS Chics-ChocsCFP AlmaCFP Rimouski-NeigetteCFP 24 JuinÉcole des PionniersCollège Sainte-AnneÉcole Vanguardrécit

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