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DeepSight is an industry leading platform for Augmented Reality (AR) solutions. It enables users and enterprises to convert simple 3D objects to augmented objects that can be viewed and interacted with anywhere. DeepSight helps companies integrate AR in their daily operations and leverages this new technology to improve people's lives. Through its proprietary graphic engine, DeepSight brings AR to the next level and adds the possibility for users to collaborate together in order to develop new ways of interacting with the digital World.
The App
The App
Easy to use application that allows you to view and interact with your Models
Intuitive commands for a pleasant experience
Best on the market in terms of performance and image quality
Collaborate with others for a novel approach to AR
The Studio
Our web base application bridges the digital and physical Worlds
Can be used to add simple information tags to complex animations
Built on the same core as the app to maximize synergies
Effective tool used to customize and animate projects
The Studio
Get augmented!
Cross Platform Compatibility
DeepSight deploys on iOS, Android, Web and smart glasses (Hololens) for your product to reach the maximum of people. Models can be shared and viewed between the different operating system.
Bringing simplicity to augmented reality
DeepSight's platform offers instant conversion of your Models, no waiting and no programming required. We accept a wide list of formats for the import of all your 3D files.
Model Enhancement
The DeepSight Studio allows you to easily customize your Models to present additional information. You can add different annotations ranging from text and urls to photos and videos. We also developed a new way to build interactive instructions with the different parts of your Models. You can create technical guides in augmented reality which help transfer knowledge faster and in an immersive way.
World Sharing
Local : Allows different users in the same environment to interact in real time with the same objects from their respective point of view.
Long distance : Allows multiple users in separate environment to interact in real time with the same objects from their respective point of view. Users can also share their own point of view.
While augmented reality offers a myriad of possibilities, our platform is used to create accurate content rapidly and easily. These are the solutions in which we have developed an expertise.
Smart City
Enhancement of the quality and performance of cities through the use of information and communication technologies
Visualization of the infrastructures and networks that compose an urban area
Filters help understand the different layers of a city
Easily build a digital twin of any city of the World including elevation
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Presentation of complex Models such as architecture projects or manufacturing components that can be customized instantly
Universal instruction manuals for training, assembly, maintenance and quality assurance
Accelerate knowledge transfer and facilitate collaboration through the supply chain
Remote assistance for technicians
Education with immersive and intuitive learning
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Sales & Marketing
This solution applies to creative companies that want to present their ideas in a novel way
Presentation of products in trade shows and conferences
Transformation of regular 3D cinematics into a full real-life experience
Development of interactive exhibits
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Studio Editor
Code-free AR platform : create, manage, test and publish, no programming required
(Annotate, Position, Scale, Animation)
Instant tracking
Place augmentation on physical surfaces, without the use of a marker
Content Management System
Online storage solution for all your Worlds
(limit of 2 Worlds)
20 mb/World
(limit of 20 Worlds)
75 mb/World
(limit of 100 Worlds/license)
150 mb/World
(Unlimited Worlds)
World Sharing
Collaborate in real time with other users on the same World
Smart Glasses
Microsoft Hololens
Enterprise Apps
Non-public apps used for internal enterprise distribution
Software update
(applicable to the functionalities of your subscription)
Customer Support
by Email only
by Email only
by Email and Phone
by Email and Phone
Experiment easily with AR
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Create without boundaries
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Creation of the first version of the DeepSight Engine
Fall 2017
After multiple discussions and experiences in the field of AR/VR, two young and passionate graduates decide to launch their own platform to enable the creation of augmented reality experience. The journey begins in the promising and exponentially growing field of AR.
Creation of Worlds with multiple 3D objects to interact with
Summer 2019
Currently limited to one object per World, this update will bring the possibility to create Worlds with a multitude of Models for more complete augmented reality experiences, while conserving the same easiness of use that DeepSight promotes
Launch of the DeepSight Mag
Fall 2019
Our past year of development has confirmed our belief that augmented reality is going to change people’s life drastically and now we want to share this enthusiasm with others. We have created the DeepSight Mag to share our insights on this promising technology and educate people on all the possibilities it unlocks. Good reading!
Release of the DeepSight Studio for personal use
Winter 2020
The Studio will enable everyone to take advantage of the DeepSight platform to create augmented Worlds. It will be for the hobbyists who enjoy experimenting with emerging technologies, the 3D artists who want to easily share their creations with others as well as the professionals who use augmented reality in the workplace.
In-app studio
Spring 2020
This update to the application allows people to edit their Worlds inside the mobile and Hololens application, as oppose to only on the web. Users are able to add or remove objects they have previously saved in their library to a World they are currently viewing. It will give more freedom and will open a new dimension for room planning.
Object detection through machine learning
Summer 2020
A very interesting aspect of augmented reality is adding virtual layers directly onto physical objects to convey additional information. To do this without tags, qr codes or predefined images, you must train your AI to recognize an object in any condition (position, lighting, scale). This update will therefore allow users to generate all new ways of interacting with the real World.
More to come