Leave your dusty training manuals on the shelf.

Autonomous AR training and continuous learning for manufacturing and industrial industries.

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Agnico EagleGaldermaIBM Business PartnerAirbusSt-HubertMACPCGIFournier et FilsInnovation CanadaBBA Consulting
Agnico EagleGaldermaIBM Business PartnerAirbusSt-HubertMACPCGIFournier et FilsInnovation CanadaBBA Consulting
DeepSight Features

No coding necessary.

Onboard, upskill or reskill employees using interactive training content that accelerates learning.

No out-of-date manuals, ever.

Prevent costly errors and procedural bottlenecks with a digitized library of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

No offsite travel necessary.

Provide ongoing, proactive support to your employees and customers from anywhere at any time in any language.

Training leaders and consultants for the manufacturing industry face exceptionally high stakes.

Poor training, non-standardized job shadowing, and undocumented procedures impact production, customer service relationships, and knowledge transfer from one generation of workers to the next.  You’ve never had the tools or resources to create effective, innovative solutions—until now.

DeepSight is like tapping on your most knowledgeable employee’s shoulder and getting the exact instructions you need, right when you need them.
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No More Boring Employee Training Videos. Not Another Slide Deck.

Maximize your operational potential with DeepSight’s three core features.

DeepSight Studio

Web-Based Studio


Create easy-to-update holographic guides, documentation and work instructions inside the DeepSight Studio. If you can use PowerPoint, you can master the DeepSight Studio !

DeepSight Holo

AR Glasses or Tablets


Watch and interact with trainings, capture data, record video, and share what you see with remote experts using the DeepSight Holo native application.

DeepSight Console



Access your performance data through the DeepSight Console and export it to your software of choice. Manage your team’s competencies to improve their skills.

Everything you need, all in one platform.

Discover the DeepSight Platform
DeepSight is a no-code platform that harnesses the technological power of our partners, such as IBM’s Watson text-to-speech tool. This component helps the manufacturing industry and consultants to create universal, standardized training and troubleshooting solutions.
IBM Business Partner

Client Success Story

Avior reduced employee training costs by 50-70%.

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DeepSight is designed for

HR Training Specialists

Trainers save time using autonomous evaluations and SOPs are as fresh as this morning’s coffee. Easily create continuous learning programs that are multi-language, standardized, and stimulating. Gamified training engages workers leading to better knowledge retention and increased worker knowledge and versatility.

Transform Training Today

Continuous Improvement Specialists

Your SOPs should live in a digital library instead of a binder that went missing six months ago. DeepSight puts control back into your hands so you can easily report and correlate data to show information on competencies, productivity, and efficiency opportunities. When something needs your attention, your people can use the smart glasses or mobile devices to fix the issue without slowing down production.

Drive Efficiency Forward

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

Set your customers up with autonomous training so costly technician visits become a thing of the past. Equip your clients with AR glasses/mobile devices and continuous learning content so they can properly operate your equipment—whether it’s Day 1 on the job or 1,000. DeepSight gives your clients the power to train new operators/technicians and resolve issues via remote support, delivering exceptional customer service that differentiates you from your competition.

Elevate your Performance

Industrial and Manufacturing Consultants

Your clients are asking for more engaging continuous learning content. Now you have an answer. Develop your client’s training content using DeepSight’s core features, in any language, and generate additional revenue through resale licensing.

Empower your Clients Now

We get it.

You’re sitting here thinking
  • I don’t have enough time or resources to bring this plan to life.
  • This could be big, but am I willing to put my reputation on the line?
  • Maybe we’re not ready yet..


You’re here because your current practices aren’t working and you are ready to do things differently.
But you don’t have to do it alone.

We become your advocate, helping you change the landscape around training and education in your organization forever.

From beginning to end, we’re here for you every step of the way.

Getting Started Is Easy.


Book a demo with our AR specialists or our partners and learn how DeepSight can increase your enterprise performances.


Kickstart the Initiation Phase with your dedicated account manager. Test drive the solution for a full cycle of creation, transfer, and analysis.


Use the insights from the Initiation Phase to deploy the solution at scale. Get support from DeepSight experts and integrator partners throughout the entire process.

We’re at your service.

Let us show you how DeepSight can upskill your workers, highlight inefficiencies, and provide a better product for your customers.
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