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Our Vision of AR

DeepSight believes Augmented Reality will impact our lives just as much as smartphones have had in the last decades. Although AR is used mostly on tablets and smartphones right now, we will observe a societal change with the spread of smart glasses. No longer confined to a 2D screen, it will alter how we interact with content as the digital world gradually merges with the physical world.

Our Mission

Presented with such an opportunity, DeepSight seeks to use AR to empower people first in their work and then bring the positive outcomes to elevate people in their daily lives. We want to use this emerging technology to do good and provide our users with a product that brings true added value to their life. What started with tools to create and deploy diverse AR applications has evolved into a software suite solely targeted to solve manufacturing and technical knowledge transfer challenges.

Our Motto

In our quest to make people's lives better through the use of AR, we abide by the KISS principle: keep it simple, stupid. We believe that most systems work best if they are kept easy to use rather than complex; therefore, simplicity is at the core of our design. We don't accept cutting corners and as such, we always deliver the best experience possible for our users. DeepSight represents a group of people that never scare away from hard work and are driven by a compelling feeling of creating a product that will powerfully and positively impact people.

Our Story

DeepSight is the fruit of the union between two friends' interest in new technology like AR and the desire to impact the world around us positively. Back when we started, no company offered a simple way to generate meaningful AR content, so we decided to build our own solution. Originating as a versatile toolkit for crafting and deploying diverse AR applications, our evolution has led us to a robust software suite meticulously tailored to address manufacturing and technical knowledge transfer challenges with unparalleled versatility and effectiveness.

In the News

Since its inception, the passion and energy of the DeepSight team have captivated the attention of clients and partners. On several occasions, the company has had the opportunity to share the fire of its ambitions with the French-Canadian public through shows such as Découvertes, Dans l'œil du Dragon, or Planète Techno. You can find all the opportunities in the Newsroom section at the bottom of the page!

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