DeepSight's was able to tame the Dragons (French)
May 31, 2022 - TV
DeepSight lands one of the most important deal in the history of Québec's version of Dragon's Den.
by Radio-Canada


Founder's Wisdom Podcast
August 7, 2022 - Podcast
Learn about DeepSight's offering and marketing strategies
by Top Leads
Une tasse de tech podcast: The Industrial Metavers
July 13, 2022 - podcast
Learn how DeepSight leverages augmented reality to build the metavers for the industrial workers of the future.
by Cogeco
Spotlight on DeepSight
July 6, 2022 - Article
An interview with DeepSight's CEO Nicolas Bearzatto to discuss AR's future and use cases
by VentureLAB
Augmented training
July 3, 2022 - Article
Francis, Louis-Antoine and Nicolas met with Karim Benessaieh of La Presse to discuss the evolution of the DeepSight platform.
by La Presse +
DeepSight is accelerating its growth with 1M$ in seed funding (French)
June 3, 2022 - Article
After securing a deal in Québec's Dragon's Den version, DeepSight closes its seed funding round with other investors.
by Journal de Montréal
DeepSight is proud to join the Magog Technopole incubator
May 25, 2022 - Article
DeepSight joins the region's incubator, located in the Custeau Group workspace. This partnership will enable a deployment of the DeepSight solution in the...
by Magog Technopole
NGen Canada Podcast: Advanced Manufacturing
April 27, 2022 - Podcast
Through their code-free environment, DeepSight wants to make the creation and use of AR accessible to anyone and stimulate collective creativity to generate...
by NGen Canada
Use Case: Avior X DeepSight
April 13, 2022 - Video
Learn how Avior got to accelerate the learning curve of complex assemblies for their less experienced operators.
by DeepSight
Augmented reality is coming to the factory floor
April 8, 2022 - Article
Software tools developed in Quebec are helping manufacturing companies facilitate and accelerate the training of their workforce. And this is just the...
by L'Actualité
L'entrepreneur branché with Max Trudel
March 2, 2022 - Podcast
Louis-Antoine Genin-Brien, VP of Sales, explains how DeepSight uses augmented reality to facilitate employee training in the industrial sector.
by FM 103,3
Planète Techno: Learn how AR is making its way into high schools
February 24, 2022 - TV
A broadcast on Planète Techno that aired on ICI Explora featured the ABC3D activity we developed to introduce high school students to the creation and...
by ICI Explora
École Branchée
January 9, 2022 - Article
About thirty students from the École secondaire des Pionniers in Trois-Rivières had the opportunity to create an escape room game in augmented reality as part...
by École Branchée
Digital Plan Podcast: How we can leverage AR in the educational system
November 4, 2021 - Podcast
The digital world is growing in all aspect of our lives and the education system is no exception
by Le Plan Numérique
Augmented Reality : Bursting into the Industry 4.0
September 18, 2021 - TV
In this Radio-Canada classic, Charles Tisseyre meets with our CTO, Francis Dubé, to discuss how augmented reality is changing the way manufacturers train...
by Radio-Canada
Mon Carnet, le podcast
June 24, 2021 - Podcast
Mon Carnet is one of the most important technology podcast in Quebec. Bruno Guglielminetti mentions the DeepSight solution and testifies about the power of...
by Mon Carnet
ABC3D By DeepSight
June 14, 2021 - Video
Schools workshops to create and visualize augmented reality experiences
by DeepSight
Use Case: Ziota X DeepSight
May 16, 2021 - Video
This shows you how DeepSight integrated the Ziota electrical testing equipment for easier understanding from new employees
by DeepSight
Grand-Messe Montreal Inc. 2021: Our Top 5
May 16, 2021 - Article
If smartphones were the technological innovation of the last decade, 3D reality is now changing the way we interact with content. (French)
by Henkel Media