Patch Notes


  • Studio : Update summary presented in the form of a pop-up window.
  • Studio : Addition of a visual indicator when connecting to World Sharing remote assistance.
  • Studio : Optimized processing of 3D models.
  • Studio : Visual warning added when approaching the memory consumption limit in a world (1300MB).
  • Holo : Sound signal added to indicate that a world is inaccessible (no access to content or QR code deleted).
  • Console : Export data related to attempts in CSV format.


  • Studio : New functionality in the animated step options that allow you to inverse the initial and final states of the step ↹.
  • Studio/Holo :Addition of automated readings of steps! The readings work best when the language is well recognized and when the 🔊 icon appears in the bottom right section of the step. This first version is capricious, make sure to write carefully the description of your step.
  • Studio/Holo : Enhancement of the automatic "instant refresh" update ↻. It is now possible to update images, to modify step descriptions and even to add sequences.
  • Console : The training scenario 2.0 for the Console was updated.


  • Studio : Added an icon (top left corner) to share your improvements suggestions and your technical problems quickly.
  • Studio : Added confirmation following certain actions in the Studio.
  • Studio : Added an image previewer to adjust image orientation during import.
  • Studio/Holo : Added audio communication to the World Sharing remote connection module!


  • Studio/Holo : Extended video duration for steps to allow up to 20 seconds.
  • Holo : Reduced images loading times.
  • Console : Reduced dashboard loading time.


  • Studio : New feature that lets you select the right answer when creating a multiple choice question step.
  • Studio : For greater precision when making small adjustments, arrows have been added to the right of the absolute position and absolute rotation coordinates.
  • Studio/Holo : Instant Refresh has been improved to enable the activation of the dynamic mode or even the creation of sequences in real time!
  • Holo Colorize the photo attachment button to make it stand out in an animated step.
  • Console : Automatic correction of multiple choice question step can be accessed via the attempt summary.
  • Console : Analysis of a confirmation step is now available.


  • Studio/Holo : It is now possible to add a video (mp4) of up to 15 seconds to sequences and permanent content.
  • Studio/Holo :  Significant acceleration of remote assistance connexion speed.


  • Studio : New button that enable automatic snapping for 3D models to surfaces using the reposition button in the bottom right-hand corner.
  • Studio : Search bar and filters have been added to the Worlds panel to facilitate access to worlds.
  • Studio : Possibility of assigning a world to a group when duplicating a world.
  • Studio/Holo : Faster connection to remote assistance.


  • Studio : Faster loading of the world library.
  • Holo : Preloading of next steps to improve fluidity and speed up stage loading.
  • Console : New graphic to show a summary of attempts for each world. (Dashboard)
  • Console : Editors now have access to group summary information. (Management)
  • Console : New dynamic filters in upper right-hand corner. (Dashboard)


  • Console : Complete summary of each attempt. (Analytics - World - Sequence - Attempt Area)
  • Console : It is now possible to add several users to a group simultaneously by separating email addresses with a semi-colon, comma or space.
  • Holo3D scanning with Hololens 2 in the DeepSight application.
  • Holo/Studio : Remote assistance on tablet is now available!


  • Console : History of the last consultations is now available for each sequence. (Analytics - World - Sequence)
  • Console : Summary of the evolution of consulted sequences is now available in the employee profile. (Management tab)
  • iOS : Improvement of the 3D scan quality in the DeepSight application.


  • Studio : Improved responsiveness of buttons.
  • Holo : Added a step list that allows to select a step. It is also possible to resume or restart a sequence.
  • Console : New user profil page (Management tab).
  • Console : New summary informations on the group area (Management tab).
  • iOS : New feature that allows you to capture a 3d scan in the DeepSight app directly.


  • Studio : New Advanced practice scenario that shows a lot of tips & tricks.
  • Holo Sound recording for step videos.
  • Console : New graph for comparing users of an animated step in a sequence (Analytics tab).
  • Console : When creating a new user, it is now possible to assign them to existing groups (Management tab).
  • Console : Creation of an "Add user" inside the group  (Management tab).
  • Console : Added explanations for the cascade diagram (Analytics tab) on the "i" symbol next to the title Median time per step.