Fall 2017
Creation of the first version of the DeepSight Engine
After multiple discussions and experiences in the field of AR/VR, two young and passionate graduates decide to launch their own platform to enable the creation of augmented reality experience. The journey begins in the promising and exponentially growing field of AR.
Winter 2022
Launch of the DS Console
In the final push to complete its original vision, DeepSight will deliver the first version of the Console. It will provide valuable insights to clients into their operations and help their workforce be more productive. This initial version will provide charts and graphs of the work done by the employees wearing the AR glasses. It will also allow companies to manage accounts and accesses for all of their workforce in an easy to use interface.
Summer 2022
Capturing critical procedures in images and videos
As more users are exposed to AR instructions, we will introduce powerful functionalities that will allow to capture employee feedback in an unprecedented way. During their operations, users will be able to capture pictures and videos of their work as well as answer questions in a seamless fashion. These tools will foster a new way to conduct evaluation and furthermore inspections with digital forms filled automatically.
Winter 2023
DeepSight's version of remote assistance
After years of intense development, DeepSight will release its unique World Sharing feature for all users. It will allow to connect users in real time on different devices (ex. An operator with glasses on the factory floor with an expert on a computer in offices). Most importantly, it will allow multiple users to manipulate 3D content in augmented reality all at the same time. This feature will unravel a totally new way to do troubleshooting or even remote training and inspections.
Summer 2023
Integrating data into operators' decision making processes
To continue its growth, DeepSight will keep putting a lot of emphasis on data. In the first place, the solution will have accumulated substantial amounts of data which DeepSight will be able to use to generate predictive analysis and offer intelligent recommendations through AI. In the second place, we will start retrieving machine data (IoT) in order to present it to operators in the glasses. It will allow them to visualize data that was previously only available in IT departments and help operators make better decisions.
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