Fall 2017
Creation of the first version of the DeepSight Engine
After multiple discussions and experiences in the field of AR/VR, two young and passionate graduates decide to launch their own platform to enable the creation of augmented reality experience. The journey begins in the promising and exponentially growing field of AR.
Fall 2020
Addition of Anchors & Toolbox
In order to create effective guides, we need to lessen the cognitive burden on end-users when using DeepSight’s solution. Hence, this was a huge addition to the platform. First, the Toolbox enabled Content Creators to quickly convey the way to execute a task. Then, the addition of Anchors allowed end-users to very precisely reposition the guiding holograms in their immediate environment.
Winter 2021
DeepSight Suite public release and AppClip
Encouraged by the success of the recent projects, the team has turned his efforts to the Industrial sector. Thus, we are launching a revamped website that more accurately reflects the value proposition DeepSight’s solution brings. Our team has also integrated the AppClip functionality from Apple. It enables anyone to view complex AR without having to download an application.
Spring 2021
Mastering labor effectiveness
Spring will mark the end of a great project in collaboration with Avior Integrated Projects and Ngen. It will have brought leaps of progress in the refinement of the solution. An improved creating experience on the Studio with a completely reworked Hololens application. An improved Dashboard will also allow decision-makers to have access to labor effectiveness data in real-time.
Summer 2021
Geographic expansion
Since we propose to connect users in real time and anywhere, it only made sense to strategically prepare our expansion out of our beloved province, Québec. Thanks to the world leading aerospace ecosystem here, DeepSight has been able to weave strong business relations. Using our own platform, we will be able to train, support and empower workforces everywhere around the World.
Fall 2021
Object detection through machine learning (Part 2)
In our quest to synthetize the virtual world to the real world, we have partnered with the Université of Sherbrooke and Productique Québec. It will aim to integrate an AI solution that recognizes pieces in the manufacturing sector to help workers in particular with quality assurance.
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