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Education and Culture

A new approach to presenting and interacting with educational and cultural content.

  • Interactive exhibitions in museums and galleries
  • Interactive classroom presentations
  • Open-houses in schools
  • Interactive visits in historical and touristic places
  • Navigation in public places (Smart Cities)
Sales and Marketing

Enabling creators to communicate ideas like never before. 

  • Set-up virtual tour guides at your venues
  • Showcase products in action right at your event booths.
  • Bring all types of prints to life by adding a virtual layer in augmented reality.
  • Product iteration with your customers
  • Interactive remote presentations
AR Classroom

Captivate Your Audience

Bring a new dimension to your events and presentations.
App Clip Icon
The DeepSight App Clip
The App Clip is a compact version of the DeepSight app. It allows users to quickly access and experience augmented reality without ever having to download an application.

Create 3D holographic worlds in DS Studio and share them to anyone with the fast and lightweight DeepSight App Clip.
Essential Plus
DS Essential (2-in-1 Platform)
DS Studio - Authoring tool for augmented content
DeepSight App (Including App Clip) - View and share holographic content
Content Management System (CMS)
Secure online storage solution for your content.
1 GB Storage at all times
1 GB Download/month
5 GB Storage at all times
5 GB Download/month
Anchor System
Rapid and precise holographic content positioning.
App Clip
Allow anyone to view your AR creation without the need to download an app (only iOS for now)
Steps Panel
Animate your models and add quiz prompts
Software Updates
Applicable to the functionalities included in your subscription
Additional Services
Additional Data Storage
Additional Data Storage
If your data consumption exceeds your bundle, we have different à la carte plans.
Experience Design and Environment Creation
Experience Design and Environment Creation
If you don't have a content creator in place, we can do it for you.
Conversion of 3D Models and Modelization
Conversion of 3D Models and Modelization
If your files are not supported, we can convert them for you.
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